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Shocking Results After Discovery & Infinite Health Assessment

Under the relationship with Discovery Health’s Executive Wellness Program we invited professionals and executives alike to undergo a medical assessment with the addition of inputting their serum and nutritional status results into the ultimate risk model analysis . Our relationship allows us to improve upon the assessment by including additional tools to improve well-being, sleep […]

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Heart Disease, Cancer’s – 66% of Claims Across Insurers

The value of critical illness cover on a life portfolio has proved a viable option when you uncertain or suspect your journey to incur or end in a serious health event. If you know you well, then it is a costly exercise and you could do better.
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Executive Health Assessment – Reach Vitality Gold Status

What benefit is there to running a motor just before it implodes? How long would this motor last compared to running it at its optimal settings? Allowing the body to run optimally, the professional or executive must bring the body into balance. This starts with knowing your status. Take the Discovery or Infinite Risk Wellness Assessment today. Health events can be prevented.
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The Truth About Cancer Docu-Series

With 1 in 3 developing cancer, despite what we’ve been told, cancer is no longer a death sentence if you know the truth.
Collectively, they have had nearly 2,000,000 LIVE in-person, online and replay event registrants, with more than 25 million episode views, and received thousands of personal letters/emails from people saying “I (or a loved […]

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Bacon Pleasure Increases Cancer Risk

A person has to decide. Prevent or not to prevent. Insure or not to insure. If not preventing, buy critical illness cover and hopefully get a payout to help with treatment for where the medical insurance does not cover, and provide for the loss of income during the treatment process.

Gut Health – The Common Denominator

What is gut health and why is it the common denominator to being optimally well? Over the past few months, a number of docu-series relating to different aspects of turning around illness or disease, preventative health and well-being has provided for free viewing with the option to purchase the series for watching again. Observing the thread […]

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Cancer Risk Factors – The Numbers Are Alarming!

South Africa could see an increase of 78% in the number of cancer cases by 2030. Are you insured correctly against this life taking disease? When unpacked, cancers are mainly brought on by the person suffering from the cancer. Major cancer RISK factors include: tobacco use, alcohol use, unhealthy diet, even the so-called healthy foods which are chemical and sugar laden bought in the isles of the supermarket, and physical inactivity. (WHO)
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The Microbiome Re-engineering Project

If your gut is feeling this , you should be listening. When ignored, things do not turn out as planned. Tuning into your higher intelligence, the gut is a vital organ to have in the best shape. The shape we speaking about is not the six pack, which would be favourably looked upon, but rather something far deeper.
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It’s Not If but What Are You Prepared to Confess – Addiction Insights

We’re in the midst of an addiction crisis of epic and tragic proportions -- not just drugs, but foods, tobacco, sex, pornography, technology (that's a HUGE one) and general behaviours. Gain valuable insights from the worlds gifted minds to naturally reversing or preventing the deterioration of the disease.
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Betrayal! Some Do It, Some Take It, Others Despise It

Betrayed? What if Digestion issues, Multiple Sclerosis, Autism, Lupus, Parkinson’s, depression, brain fog and other autoimmune conditions were part of one huge epidemic? See for yourself and decide your path!
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Alzheimers and Dementia, MOST Misunderstood, Cruelest and Costly Disease

Dementia starts 30-50 years before symptoms appear -- taking action NOW is key to protecting your brain health and overall wellbeing in the future. The Alzheimer's & Dementia Summit represents a unique opportunity to discover how to prevent, slow down and even reverse symptoms.
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The Candida Summit – Online and FREE from July 9-15, 2018

Did you know, especially with the recent sad celebrity deaths, MILLIONS are debilitated by depression, brain fog, fatigue, insomnia and other related issues that leave them unable to take care of themselves or their families. What 99.9% of people don't know is a possible root cause to the risk of depression could be CANDIDA overgrowth.
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The Sacred Plant – Magical Medicinal Effects With Proper Use

Chronic pain and opiate addiction have ruined countless lives and changed the landscape of medicine. Know the RISK of opiods and the life long benefits of using a natural alternative.
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Chemo Was Killing Him…This Saved Him and Many Others

Officers raided Cashy’s home, taking away the only thing that was keeping him alive and pain free. No one should have to suffer like Cashy. No one should have to endure what Cashy’s parents went through. No one.
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The Risk Your Home is Making You Sick

If your home is toxic (and it likely is!), you’re NOT likely to be sleeping well,  healthy and energetic! Nevermind the autoimmune disorders, you unknowingly bring upon yourself. It’s time - in fact, way past time - to have a serious look at the toxic influence of your home. 
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